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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Dick Gaughan – A Different Kind of Love Song

(Celtic Music, CM 017, 1983)

With this album, the inimitable Dick Gaughan produced an instant classic. The power of Gaughan’s highly charged, political and very Scottish delivery is matched by his rapid-fire guitar playing. Something about this man’s voice ideally suits the richness of playback on vinyl. This set of songs clearly resonates with the early 1980s opposition to a Thatcherite Britain, and yet the lyrics have a relevance that is timeless. Gaughan’s own “Think Again” has become a folk scene standard. His version of Peggy Seeger’s “Song of Choice” is chilling and thought-provoking. Leon Rosselson’s “Stand Up For Judas” is provocative but powerful. And the album rounds off with a wholly unexpected but brilliant cover version of Joe South’s “Games People Play” (you categorize Gaughan at your peril).

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