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Monday, 11 July 2011

The Band - Stage Fright

Capitol SW - 425 (USA), released in 1970. 

Another winning set of original songs, mostly penned by Robbie Robertson, including "The Shape I'm In", "The W. S. Walcott Medicine Show", "Daniel And The Sacred Harp", "Stage Fright", "The Rumour", "Time To Kill" and "All La Glory", while he co-wrote, with Levon Helm, "Strawberry Wine", and co-wrote two songs, "Sleeping", and "Just Another Whistle Stop" with Richard Manuel.  Another trawl through rural and 'old western' themes, ("W. S. Walcott"), while the title track deals with every musician's fear of exposure to an audience. The line-up, with Robbie Robertson, Garth Hudson, Richard Manuel, Rick Danko and Levon Helm is as the previous albums, but the cover doesn't say who plays what. 

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